So I have been sitting here for hours ruling out every topic for this blog post and I realized that I need to acknowledge this very special day. Today my dear son turns 11 and this is what is consuming my mind right now and keeping me from sharing SocialPR content…..

  1. I adore him
  2. We have been through so much together
  3. He is wise beyond his years
  4. He is incredibly funny and witty
  5. I was terrified when I was pregnant between both families lots could have gone wrong and he really did get the best of every person on both sides
  6. I am in awe of him regularly
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how he is the same person that grew in my womb
  8. I struggle with wanting him to grow up so I can know him as an adult and wanting him to always be my little boy
  9. Did I say he is really funny…..
  10. Everyone loves him and he has such an affect on people
  11. He cares deeply
  12. He is comfortable in his own skin, such a gift, so many people never experience this
  13. He just does not understand any form of racism, it does not compute for him, I love that
  14. He has an ease about him that is a joy to watch, one of my favorite things to do is step back and watch him handle himself in all kinds of situations – he usually knows exactly what to do
  15. He is pure good. I am incredibly lucky to be his mom and so honored to guide and groom him to adulthood

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that show my boy’s special light.

Thanks for celebrating with me! Happy 11th birthday Matthew!

  Donna Cravotta and Matt






Next week back to regular programming!

Donna Cravotta

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