Social PR Workshops

A Series of Innovative Workshops For Speakers,

Authors & Small Business Owners to Learn How to

Transcend Communications & Relationships Online

You’re successful, have a steady flow of clients, and business is growing. Yet somehow the world of social media never quite works, it feels off and the results fall short of your expectations. You’ve tried to DIY it with programs, thrown money at Facebook ads, sat with your finger on the Instagram Live button and had no idea what to say, hired a team of gurus that told you what you “should” do… yet the only needle that moves is the one ticking your marketing budget into the red. You do not even want to think about the missed opportunity costs.

None of this feels right. You know there is a better way, there must be…


This is WHY I Created the Social PR Workshops

I’ve taken a different approach to social media from the early days, way back in 2009 when I got bitten by the bug.

While everyone was pushing and making noise so they could be seen. I went silent and listened, I figured out who I wanted to connect with and WHY. I understood that the power of connection, relationships, and conversation with the right people could have a bigger impact than being part of the noise. After a few of my early clients experienced successes that seemed to come out of the blue like $100K in sales over 8 months with no budget or being invited to be the “behind the scenes” chef on a national TV show that turned into a sizeable consulting engagement, I realized that I was onto something. My clients have been quietly making an impact since.

The Social PR Workshops are a series of comprehensive workshops that embody the educational component of the work I have done over the past 10 years. The methodology is based on my signature service the “Social PR Lens” and although online tools and strategies change constantly, it’s rooted (as much as possible) in the things that don’t change, relationships. 

The results my clients have are astounding, but they’re very different from the usual stories of fantastical feats. They don’t 10x anything and are not working 2 hours a day from the beach. What they gain is real insight into what they do, who it’s for, why they do it, and the impact they make. They see possibilities they could not see before and they know that a small, quiet approach to building an online presence has longevity and is much easier to do.

I created these workshops to help more people, perhaps you, claim their voice and speak from their heart online and offline.

That said, this is not for everyone and that is OK… but if you’re intrigued, please keep reading to learn more.

Donna knows her stuff, over-delivers content you never even knew you needed, but she did, and you will not be disappointed! She has a fresh take on building relationships using modern online tools that produce results. Every time. If you are sick of social selling and want to find your tribe, then this is the right place for you.

Michelle McGlade

Evolution Expert


Seth Godin Quote-Social Media Merry-Go-Round | Social PR WorkshopsWe’re all busy and social media is a crowded place. It’s easy to get lost in the noise and spend years near-missing the opportunities and relationships that elude us. What if we put the need for a magic bullet aside and delved deeper?

Social PR System

When the structure and strategy of the Social PR Lens are applied, social media becomes the vehicle to carry your story. You become familiar and trusted by established and new audiences.

These workshops are built around 4 core elements of the Social PR system:

  1. Knowing your audience 
  2. Positioning yourself to be visibile to the right people
  3. Building sustainable relationships
  4. Claiming the role of Social CEO in your business 

The tools we use are social media, PR, speaking live and virtually, and crafting a library of intentional content that supports your work rather than being a burden and time suck. Listening first to learn more about the audience you want to connect with. Becoming visible through being featured in the media they read/watch/listen to and speak at the events they attend. Social Media becomes your personal stage where the connections happen, relationships are cultivated, and hidden opportunities show themselves. And lastly, you know how to use the intellgence you gain from listening and apply it in your business strategy.


I’ll tell you

Each workshop contains several instructional videos, a workbook, action sheets, and other related tools and resources. It’s a unique DIY approach with support through the Social PR Club, a private Facebook community, monthly Q&A calls, and the abiility to ask questions in each workshop. 

Currently there are 7 workshops and there will be more. Each one is designed to stand on it’s own, they also compliment each other and work together. They can be purchased individually, in bundles, or you can buy them all. whether you buy one or all they will make you rethink your approach and open up to possibilities. They are built on the Teachable platform, they’re easy to access, you can ask questions in each workshop, and they are seamless to move through. You will have access to the content for as long as it exists.

They’re not “how-to” social media task lists, they’re high-level strategies that will help you to build a rock solid foundation for your online presence based on marketing principles that DO NOT change. The content in this workshop series includes the exact learning platform we use with our clients. We polished it all up and tested it with a small group over a three month period and their feedback is shared throughout this page.

Donna’s unique approach to social media and PR has helped me create a consistent and effective online presence that’s 100% in alignment with my business style…something I’ve found that’s often missing in social media strategies.

As a small business owner, I wear many hats and the social media piece often got relegated to the back burner because I couldn’t figure out how to harness its power in a way that felt good to me. Going through Donna’s Social PR Workshops helped change that. I learned how to listen, join, and start conversations through social media and create content that positions me to be found by the right people. This has helped me to up-level my business and increase my impact as well as my bottom line. She has a way of making the intangible tactical, embracing this has forever changed the way I view social media.

Lisa Danforth

Business Strategist, Speaker & Coach


It Takes a Village



It Takes a Village

This workshop is kind of like a your Social PR control center. It offers a new perspective on claiming your voice, finding your audience, and listening, the most underutilized marketing skill, particularly on social media. It contains 3 training videos, 2 workbooks one to help you build your audience persona and The Brain Trust, your own personal advisory board to help make informed business decisions.

Before you can successfully build trust and online relationships, it is crucial to have clarity on (1) who you serve (2) what you deliver to them, and (3) WHY. The videos and accompanying workbooks walk you through creating your own customized plan. It’s different for everyone.

This workshop is given to all participants and leads you through building your village before investing in digital ads, content development, publicity campaigns, or writing a book. First, find your place online and have a 360° vantage point to learn your audience’s needs and wants, likes and dislikes, and what they react to and how to listen and communicate with them.


Media: Podcasts, Publicity, Speaking



Before, During & After the Interview

Podcasts are PR. There are currently over 700,000 active podcasts and they need guests. It’s also a personal experience, 80% of listeners listen to the entire episode, and 45% have have an average annual income of $250K+. These are pretty impactful numbers. 

This workshop walks you through everything you need before, during, and after the interview, including:

  • A current list of almost 300 podcasts with more to come
  • 2 learning videos
  • Templates for a Speaker One Sheet and pitch emails that can easily be customized
  • What to do and what NOT to do
  • Strategies to leverage social media to position yourself and to build relationships with hosts
  • How to leverage your interviews so you are invited to be a guest on other podcasts
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships
  • PLUS: a Guest Interview with Michelle McGlade to gain the perspective of a podcast host

VISIBILITY: In the Media

Pitch & Position Yourself to Land Media

Landing media is one of the best ways to build visibility, credibility, and trust as a personal brand or small business. And.. it does not need to be hard or break the bank.

This workshop helps you to understand the value of publicity, where to find opportunities, how to pitch yourself, and more importantly how to position yourself so the media finds YOU. The workshop is filled with invaluable resources, including:

  • Current media lists, including contact information and, when available, journalists preferences
  • 3 learning videos
  • Free resources to find media opportunities and how to best use them
  • A library of media kit examples and pitch email templates that you can customize
  • Strategies to leverage social media to position yourself and to build relationships with the media
  • How to share your media opportunities to become an in demand expert
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships

VISIBILITY: From the Stage

Speak to Your Audience

Speaking from a stage will connect you to your audience in a deep and long-lasting way. But you need to know the right stages to be on and the right topics for your perfect audience.

This workshop leads you through where to look for speaking opportunities and creating the necessary assets to be prepared to walk into the spotlight, including:

  • Strategies and free resources to find media opportunities and how to best use them
  • Learn how to conduct research to identify relevant topics
  • Aligning with your content plan
  • Template for a Speaker One Sheet
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships


LinkedIn, Intentional Writing, Content Upcycling


RELATIONSHIPS: Meet Me on LinkedIn

Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Community

This workshop is quite different than most LinkedIn trainings. It’s focused on leveraging your existing relationships to expand your reach in a meaningful way. There is NO SPAM involved. Yet it does include:

  • 3 learning videos
  • Deep dive on building an intentional profile. We will go through every field and explain how and why to set your profile up to build relationships
  • Understanding how advanced search works and how to align your profile to work with the algorithms
  • Setting up an easy to implement relationship building system
  • Spammy functions to avoid 
  • The differences between Basic (free) and Paid options
  • Hashtags on LinkedIn and how to use them to your benefit
  • The power of recommendations and endorsements
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships

RELATIONSHIPS: Intentional Writing

Powered by SEO & Keywords

This workshop helps you to build content that is structured to be easy to write, repurpose, and are powered by SEO and keywords. 

SEO and keyword strategies may feel cryptic and complex, yet when used in a conversational way there is a relevance and beauty to the simplicity plus Google loves relevance! We teach you how to use free and low-cost tools to identify the words that your audience is already using and advice on how to weave both highly-trafficked and unique keywords into your content.

Consistent and strategic use of keywords helps to build trust and relationships with your readers and with Google. Your online rankings will improve and you’ll start to become visible to your audiences.

The technology and tools have changed significantly. Over the past year we have been able to empower our clients by leveraging some incredible tools. This workshop includes all of the learning we share with our clients. You will be armed with the right toolset and the knowledge on how to use them to craft content that actually builds relationships for you.

RELATIONSHIPS: Content Upcycling

Plan & Repurpose Your Words

This workshop covers content and how you can make the most out of what you already have and build new content in a very intentional way. This practice makes content creation infinitely easier and it carries a bigger impact.

Content is the cornerstone of any marketing plan. Every asset created should have multiple, strategic purposes. After you have been in business for a number of years, you have accumulated a body of work that is likely collecting dust on a virtual bookshelf. Whether it’s a book, a series of articles, an online course, seasons of podcast interviews, or something else.

Learn how to Marie Kondo what you already have, release what you no longer need, and craft your existing content into someone new and relevant for where you are NOW and directed at your desired audience.

Imagine having a steady stream of fresh content flowing allowing you to focus your time on engaging and building relationships with your growing community while you increase your credibility, and build valuable relationships that lead to opportunities such as speaking engagements, partnerships, clients, and complete the unwritten chapter…

I’d been working with a digital marketing consultant to grow my business. It was all about building email lists, lead magnets, tripwires, and lots of scheduled social media posting. It felt inauthentic and very ineffective, but it was the way everyone was doing it so I went along.

Finally, my gut was telling me, “This is not the way to market,” and that’s when I was introduced to Donna Cravotta. Donna rocked my world and inspired me to engage in a way of marketing that is authentic, human, and service-oriented.

Now, instead of spending tons of time throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping for something to stick, I’m not wasting a minute and building relationships with people who are aligned with me. Donna taught me that social media is not a shotgun to blast everyone in God’s creation, it’s a communication tool to build relationships with people who will love to do business with you.

I also want to say that Donna’s care for me as a client, and the value she provides, are beyond anything I’m experiencing in the world today. She truly cares, and I am so grateful she is on my team.

Andrew Bennett

Consultant, Speaker & Magician


Leveraging what already works

You’re successful, love what you do, but social media always seems linke a pain in the a**. It never feels right, yet you know there muct be a better way to do this. You have no problem doing the work, you simply don’t know what to do. 

You have content… lots of content that very few people have read, watched, or listened to. Perhaps you have a series of podcast interviews, years of blog posts, or a book languishing on the virtual shelf. What if you could turn your content into a multi-year, mult-channel content plan that breathes new life into your business.

You have a different approach, you genuinely care about what you bring into the world, and know in order to make a bigger impact with your work more people need to know about you. Media is the way to do this but where do you even begin? This is exactly why I created this workshop series!

I’ve worked with Donna for about 5 years and she is brilliant. Out of the many ways she has helped me, there are three that stand out.

  1. By teaching me to actively listen on social media. The most wonderful opportunities magically appear when you don’t push, but simply show up in the right places with a generous spirit.
  2. Insisting that I stop overthinking everything I was doing and be me. What a relief it is to be the same person online as I am in person. When I began doing this everything shifted, it all became easy and fun.
  3. Learning the power of a content platform, I had years of blog posts that no one had seen. Together we built a plan. I learned how to identify the right keywords and how to build SEO optimized content, use the right hashtags, create a steady stream of social media posts, and I mastered using social media tools. Having a unified content platform has saved so much time and led to writing and publishing a book, being interviewed on podcasts, and I am a regular contributor on Arianna Huffington’s blog Thrive Global. None of this would have happened without Donna’s wisdom and guidance.
Stephanie Dalfonzo

Anxiety Expert, Speaker & Author

The Social PR Workshops

A Series of Innovative Workshops To Build An Intentional Online Presence


This is NOT a program

It’s a series of high-level DIY workshops with support through the Social PR Club, a private Facebook community, monthly Q&A calls, and the ability to ask questions in each workshop


They can be purchased individually, in bundles, or buy the entire series




After over 25 years in the corporate world working in global law firms, I found that my priorities had shifted. Commuting and long hours away from home was no longer an option. So this single mom bought a domain name, built a bad website and took a leap of faith. I walked away from the “safe” career and launched my first business in 2006.

My small “unagency” Social Pivot PR helps small businesses, speakers, authors, and content creators to own their voice and build a meaningful online presence.

The toolbox we use includes social media, media opportunities, content marketing, and search engine optimization all built around identifying the perfect audience and using the invaluable intelligence found through social listening, strategic content, and positioning to land in front of the right people, so they find YOU.

I’ve been teaching my clients and my audience to look through a different lens and leverage online platforms for years. I’ve taken my proven process and created a series of highly strategic Social PR Workshops. These 8 workshops include the content and resources to move beyond the noise and frustration of social media to find small relevant groups of people that are gathered in real conversation and foster real relationships.

When social media is approached from this perspective, the results are quite different. It becomes a business intelligence tool that helps inform decisions and leads to extraordinary possibilities.

Donna Cravotta Signature


When do the workshops start?

Registration is ongoing, you can register for workshops at any time.

How much does it cost?

The Social PR Workshops are $500 each. If you purchase one of the bundles or buy them all, a 20% discount will automatically be applied.

How do the bundles work?

There are three predefined bundles:

The Full Series

  • VISIBILITY: Podcasts – Before, During & After the Interview
  • VISIBILITY: In the Media – Pitch & Position Yourself to Land Media
  • VISIBILITY: From the Stage – Speak to Your Audience
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Meet Me on LinkedIn – Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Community
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Intentional Writing  – Powered by SEO & Keywords
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Content Upcycling  – Plan & Repurpose Your Words
  • PLUS – INTRODUCTION: Be a Social CEO – It Takes a Village

The Visibility Bundle

  • VISIBILITY: Podcasts – Before, During & After the Interview
  • VISIBILITY: In the Media – Pitch & Position Yourself to Land Media
  • VISIBILITY: From the Stage – Speak to Your Audience
  • PLUS – INTRODUCTION: Be a Social CEO – It Takes a Village

The Relationship Bundle

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Meet Me on LinkedIn – Leverage Relationships to Grow Your Community
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Intentional Writing  – Powered by SEO & Keywords
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Content Upcycling  – Plan & Repurpose Your Words
  • PLUS – INTRODUCTION: Be a Social CEO – It Takes a Village

You can also purchase workshops individually, or if you would like to create your own bundle of 3 or more, contact us at

All bundles or purchasing the entire series receive a 20% discount.

What if I don't have a business yet?

If you do not currently have a business, the workshops are probably not right for you. They were created for established content creators, speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and change-makers.

Is there a Facebook Group?

YES! The Social PR Club is our private learning community and also where we will hold our monthly Office Hours calls on the last Tuesday of the month from 3-4pm ET.

Access to the Social PR Club is determined by the workshop package you purchase.

Will Donna answer all of my questions?

Yes, questions related to the content that are posted in the workshop areas or brought to the monthly Q&A calls will be answered by Donna or a team member.

That said, the workshops are designed to become your compass to learn how to find answers through online research, relationships, and intelligence so you are equipped to leverage these skills to be able to be one step ahead. It is our hope that as you implement the methodology we share in these workshops, you will be curious and find the answers on your own and be empowered to make more informed decisions along the way.

How do I contact you to ask a question about the workshop?

We can be reached at

Can I bring a team member?

YES! Please share with your team. Each workshops has recommendations for the tasks to delegate and tool recommendations. 

The intention is that you are empowered to run your online presence in your business. Decision makers and implementers have different worldviews and ask different questions. We have learned that it is more productive to teach the decision makers first. You are not expected to perform the many of the tasks, but it is important for you to know how all of the parts work, what is possible, and how it fits into your larger business plans. Having this knowledge will allow you to make informed decisions on what you delegate and to whom. The Introduction Workshop that is included as a bonus with all purchases includes detailed recommendations for delegating tasks.

I do ask that you respect the intellectual property that is included in these workshops and only share with your team to use in work related to your business.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept online payments via all standard credit card options, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal.

Do you offer a payment plan?


  • Purchase a bundle or buy them all and either (1) pay in full or (2) choose to make 2 consequent equal monthly payments.
  • Payment plans are NOT available for individual workshops or when paying via Paypal.
  • There is an administrative fee of $100 for all payment plans.
What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds.

Is there an affiliate or referral program?

Not at this time, we’re hoping that if you find these workshops beneficial, you’ll happily spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

We do partner with other businesses and professionals that want to incorporate these workshops in their offerings, if you are interested in learning more email us at


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