Build the online foundation and structure for Content Creators, Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Change-Makers to become visible to the right people with integrity and intention.

Before we dive into the features, benefits, and details of what we do. I want to explain why we do it and how our work is different.

We deeply care about marketing, our clients, and sending quality content, conversations, and relationships out into the world.

Equally important is teaching people how to view their online and offline presence and the connections they desire to make through a different lens. Our clients then take what they learn and create better, more informed content, products, and services that clearly define them as people who lead through experience and generosity.

Our goal is not to build strategies based on vanity metrics and technical hacks, but to take the time to understand the smallest viable audience, what they want and need, the words they use, what they react to both positively and negatively and to build an online home that feels welcoming to them.

Many of the people I speak with have similar struggles around social media. They don’t know who they want to connect with, where to find them, what to say, and why they are doing any of this work. When I am asked this question, my first response is usually “if you don’t know who you are talking to, what do you say?”

We get to the root of this issue straight away and start by asking what is important to YOU, why it’s important, and who it’s for. Then we want to know the business objective you expect to achieve through our work together. We gather everything you already have, dive in to do creative research, and devise a strategic action plan that focuses on creating that online home for your perfect audience.

A major component of our work is to start with what you already have by reviewing your existing content and exploring how it can be repurposed and upcycled, leverage what is already working, and identify how to fill the holes.

Everything we do is focused on building relationships both online and offline through innovative content creation, social media, PR, intelligence, and speaking opportunities.

The work we do culminates in a deep knowledge of your community – with strategies and systems to support a presence that stands out, and a well-designed online home to invite your community to meet, engage, and grow together.

When asked about the results that can be expected from our work together, I often respond that you will be surprised. When you strategically look and listen in a different way that is uniquely yours, extraordinary opportunities simply show up. The possibilities are endless…

Let’s explore what’s possible for you.




the foundation

What is the Social PR Lens?

Social PR Lens is our craft signature service and where all client engagements begin.

It’s an integrated toolset that combines Social Media, PR, Keyword and SEO Strategies, and Content Marketing. The strategies that weave throughout these powerful systems are:

  • audience development
  • social media research and intelligence
  • social listening
  • content marketing
  • SEO strategy/keyword analysis
  • earned and owned media
  • knowing where to find and join relevant conversations that lead to real relationships that make a difference
  • knowing your tribe, being connected in a way that only you can, showing kindness and care.

When the structure and strategy of the Social PR Lens are applied, social media becomes the vehicle to carry your story. You become familiar and trusted by established and new audiences.

Social media constantly changes and it’s frustrating. However, one thing we can count on is that it will continue to evolve. Instead of allowing that to hold us back, we have learned to stick to proven marketing strategies that align with business objectives. Working from this perspective allows us to architect a strong infrastructure custom designed for each client based on their specific goals and follows their audience as the world changes.

The Parts of the Social PR Lens

The following are included in all Social PR Lens projects:

The Brain Trust – This is an advisory board of sorts where we gather the extensive research and build the data into a multi-tabbed spreadsheet. Each project is custom, so content may vary by client, but there are key elements that apply for all clients, they are keywords, hashtags, media contacts, influencers, peers, and ideas.

Social PR Intelligence Dashboard – Leverage your internal and external stakeholders to carry your story throughout your online presence. Our customized dashboard is crafted with the content from your brain trust and built to shut down the deluge of collective noise found online and streamlined to create a space to easily listen, learn, and engage with purpose.

Social PR Strategic Action Plan – Random Social Media never works. This asset aligns the findings of the Social PR Lens with business objectives and goals to create specific strategies and measurements to bring this plan to life.

Social PR Strategic Content Plan – Content is valuable, this strategic plan maps out ways in which your existing content can be reused and upcycled in creative ways and identifies where there are holes. Collectively the plan recommends interesting ways to expand your story in a way that builds relationships and opens the door to possibility and opportunity.

Training and Resource Center – Access to our training and resource center that includes video training, guides, and various resources for maximizing your Social PR presence.

Keyword Analysis and SEO Strategies – The right words are powerful. SEO and keywords may feel cryptic and complex, yet when used in a conversational way there is a relevance and beauty to the simplicity plus Google loves relevance! We identify the words that your audience is already using and advise on how to weave both highly-trafficked and unique keywords into your content so your content works for you. Consistent and strategic use of keywords helps to build trust and relationships with your readers and with Google. Your online rankings will improve and you’ll start to become visible to your audiences.

PR and Media Positioning – Media coverage is the fastest way to grow visibility, credibility, and trust to a new and targeted audience. Yet many personal brands and small businesses overlook or disregard this invaluable marketing channel. We build the assets that focus on your strengths, position you among aspirational peers, and create a strong and consistent presence that attracts media professionals that are using social media to locate experts and resources for interviews. A well-positioned PR presence will build your SEO as well, through high ranking backlinks to your website. We do not operate as a traditional PR agency, we empower our clients to build their own media relationships which is a unique business asset and helps them to stand out as an unmistakable leader.



This is the full package as described on this page. If this feels right for you, click below, answer a few questions and book a complimentary discovery call with me.

Mini – $500

The mini includes the elements of the Foundation, but it’s smaller and intended for solo and micro businesses. If this feels right for you, click below, answer a few questions and book a complimentary discovery call with me.


You’ve already built a successful business and want the tools and strategy needed to be a Social CEO and lead your team to amplify your brand’s unique voice and culture online through social media, media opportunities, content development, and relationship marketing.

You have content… an existing body of work. Perhaps you have a series of podcast interviews, years of blog posts, or a book languishing on the virtual shelf. These can all be upcycled, build the backbone of your content plan by turning them into new assets that breathe life into your business and help you to connect with new audiences.

You have a different approach, you genuinely care about what you bring into the world, and know in order to make a bigger impact with your work you need to be more connected to your existing audience and know how to continually grow your audience through listening, intelligence, engagement, and communication. But you don’t know how.


continue building your online foundation


content repurposing strategy

Content is the cornerstone of the Social PR System and every asset created should have multiple, strategic purposes. Have a body of work that is collecting dust? Whether it’s a book, a series of articles, an online course, seasons of podcast interviews, or something else.

Allow us to take over your content and build it into something new. We can create a plan and you and your team can handle the building or we can do it all… create the plan, build it out into a series of articles, scheduled social media posts, and more using the intelligence from the Social PR Lens and directed at your desired audience.

Imagine having a steady stream of fresh content flowing allowing you to focus your time on engaging and building relationships with your growing community while you increase your credibility, and build valuable relationships that lead to opportunities such as speaking engagements, partnerships, clients, and complete the unwritten chapter…


prospect strategies

Shorten the sales process and use the intelligence from the Social PR Lens to identify prospects through social media. We can build a custom lead generation system and teach you and your team how to manage the process and bring a steady stream of qualified prospects into your pipeline to increase your bottom line.



Individual or ongoing strategy, advisory, and training services are also available.

We also offer 1/2 and full Strategic Planning Days that can be done in person or virtually.

We can create a plan to meet your needs. Whether it be a monthly strategy call to roll in new initiatives and stay on track or a block of time to work through a more detailed training or strategy initiative.


  • An established, successful content creator, speaker, author, entrepreneur, small business owner, or change-maker?
  • Experienced? Have you been around the virtual block a few times and have earned your bumps and bruises?
  • An active participant of your online presence and own your voice? Or is this something you desire?
  • A content creator that has prose that is begging to be seen? Are you excited to create more but need direction?
  • Active online, but overwhelmed and frustrated because you are not getting the results you want?
  • Supported by a team to help with the logistics, even if it is one VA?
  • Open to change, learning, opportunities, and new perspectives?
  • Reluctant to try something else, but hopeful as you know there is a better way?



This is the full package as described on this page. If this feels right for you, click below, answer a few questions and book a complimentary discovery call with me.

Mini – $500

The mini includes the elements of the Foundation, but it’s smaller and intended for solo and micro businesses. If this feels right for you, click below, answer a few questions and book a complimentary discovery call with me.

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