Our services are foundational and structured in blocks that reflect each segment of the Integrated Social PR System that are built to work together. Plus a few modules that can be added on for specific business objectives.


social listening, social research, and discovery

The Social PR Lens is the structure, the research, the brain trust, the customized social PR intelligence dashboard that informs content, planning, innovation, and business decisions. This is not typical market research. We look through a different lens and we teach you how to do the same. Our research funnels are live and happening in real time on social media.

Our customized social PR intelligence dashboard is crafted to streamline the deluge of information available online and create a space to easily listen, learn, and engage. To eliminate the overwhelm of the ever-changing landscape of social media and instead provide a consistent stream of intentional business intelligence that helps to shape your strategy, decide when to adapt, set benchmarks, and become a more informed leader and decision maker.

The dashboard is an important communication hub. The focus is on identifying where your audience is online, listening to what they are excited about, how they are challenged, then finding the opening for you to join the conversation and build real relationships. Did you know that listening is the most overlooked communication skill, social media is no different. Most people are busy pushing out their content and thinking what to say next. What if you took a different approach?

This is also your content library. Where your brand’s social media content can easily be shared, targeted, repurposed, and grown. An integrated social media content plan includes a balance of your content as well as the curated content of people and organizations you want to connect with via a virtual conversation starter (or simply sharing their content).

My favorite part is the discovery which happens during the process, we always uncover unexpected, hidden gems.

The following are included in all Social PR Lens projects:

The Brain Trust – This is an advisory board of sorts. Where we gather the extensive research and build the data into a multi-tabbed spreadsheet. Each project is custom, so content may vary by client, the key elements for all clients are keywords, hashtags, media contacts, influencers, peers, and ideas.

Social PR Intelligence Dashboard – Leverage your internal and external stakeholders to carry your story throughout your online presence. Our customized dashboard is crafted with the content from your brain trust and built to shut down the deluge of collective noise found online and streamlined to create a space to easily listen, learn, and engage with purpose.

Social PR Strategic Action Plan – Random Social Media never works. This asset aligns the findings of the Social PR Lens with business objectives and goals to create specific strategies and measurement to bring this plan to life.

Training and Resource Center – Access to our training and resource center that includes video training, guides, and various resources for maximizing your Social PR presence.

Social PR Haiku – Keyword and SEO Strategies

Social PR Unmistakeable – PR and Media Positioning

There are two levels of the Social PR Lens:

  • Foundation – We do the research, create a plan, and walk you through how to build the foundation into your infrastructure.
  • Expansion – This is a more comprehensive project. We research, train, build and advise on how to best incorporate into your business structure.


keyword and seo strategies


The right words are powerful. Like the form of poetry called haiku, SEO and keywords may feel cryptic and complex, yet there is a relevance and beauty to their simplicity. When properly applied they make a striking impact and… Google loves relevance. We identify the words that your audience is already using and advise on leveraging the power of these words. The benefit? They are familiar to the people and organizations you want to connect with. They build trust and will help you to be found through your website and online presence. Your online rankings will improve and you will land you in conversations that open the door to opportunities that change the trajectory of your business.


pr and media positioning

Media coverage is the fastest way to grow visibility, credibility, and trust to a new and targeted audience. Yet many personal brands and small businesses overlook or disregard this invaluable marketing channel. We build the assets that focus on your strengths, position you among aspirational peers, and create a strong and consistent presence that attracts media professionals that are using social media to locate experts and resources for interviews. A well-positioned PR presence will build your SEO too through high ranking backlinks to your website. We do not operate as a traditional PR agency, we empower our clients to build their own media relationships which is a unique business asset. Stand apart, be the unmistakable leader in your market.




content repurposing strategy

Have a book that is collecting dust? Content is the cornerstone of the Social PR System and every asset created should have multiple, strategic purposes. Give us your book and we can upcycle the content into a series of articles, social media posts, and more. Use the intelligence from the Social PR Lens and direct it at your target audience to build your tribe, increase your credibility, and build valuable relationships that lead to opportunities such as speaking engagements, partnerships, clients, and complete the unwritten chapter…


prospect strategies

Shorten the sales process and use the Social PR Lens to identify prospects through social media. We can build a custom lead generation system and teach you and your team how to manage the process and bring a steady stream of qualified prospects into your pipeline to increase your bottom line.

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