Social MediaThere are so many articles and discussions on what to do in social media…. but people rarely share what you should NOT do. I would like to address a few things to avoid here. This is just my short list of mistakes I see in my work with clients and by being active in many communities.

Please be sure to add your favorite, or least favorite, social media mistakes in the comments below. Let’s get a conversation going about this so we can raise the bar for everyone.

Seven Rookie Social Media Mistakes

Not in my Industry – People often think that social media is not important or relevant to their industry. It’s important in EVERY industry!

Failing to Create a Plan – Many folks just wing it, they post randomly and have no idea of what to expect they just want results. The thing about social media is the results come in so many different ways, when done right relationships and opportunities happen. By having a plan you know where you are going, you know what you will talk about next month and the month after that, you know where it fits in with the other initiatives happening in your business. Plus… you are always looking ahead to see what might be next. Learn more about creating a plan in this blog.

Not Listening – Social Media is one of the best research tools available and it is basically FREE… but so many people just push out their content without thinking about what others are saying. If you are not using a social media listening tool, start immediately. I like HootSuite. You can set up a custom dashboard and track the people, conversations and hashtags you want to know more about, then simply listen in and join the conversation.

Posting at the Wrong Time – You must know when the conversations you want to join are happening or you are just talking to yourself. Check out your Facebook Insights/Posts to figure out the date/time your audience is engaging on your page. In Twitter you can use Tweroid to find out the best times to tweet.

Irregular Posting – When building relationships you need to show up and that is true on social media too. Post consistently, you do not need to post 10 times per day. Just whatever you comfortably have time for, if you are stressed that will come through your posts. Even if you post once per day or every other day be consistent this will build trust.

Buy My Stuff – Some may disagree with me… but it is SOCIAL media, not SALES media. You can absolutely sell your products and services through social media, but the focus should be on being social, building relationships and trust. Once you establish these very important elements the sales just happen as do referrals and growth.

Inconsistent Branding – It is incredibly important to have consistent branding across your social media platforms. Even if you are not in love with the branding on your website carry it through. Consistent branding creates trust, as a visitor navigates your online offerings as they move from one site to the next they should feel like they know you a little more. I call this the “trust dance” and when different sites feel familiar in their journey they physically lean in, once it does not feel familiar (i.e., different look and feel, messaging or profile image) they pull back and the trust dance needs to start over again. It is remarkable how a little thing like the same profile image on every social media site with you showing your smile and looking the visitor straight in the eye can have such an impact.

So what changes will you make? Please share below.

Donna Cravotta



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