Retweets are probably the most over-used and least understood feature of Twitter.  Yet using them correctly can help grow your traffic like no other strategy.

Meet and Retweet

RetweetTo “Retweet” simply means sharing someone else’s tweet with your followers.  It’s a mark of endorsement and recommendation, telling them “this person has something of value to share”.

Getting your link or post retweeted by industry influencers can boost your reputation and status almost instantly.  And if many of your followers retweet your link to their followers… who in turn retweet it to their followers… it can mean instant Twitter success.

    1. Keep your character count between 70-100 characters – 120 characters max, if you want your tweet retweeted.
    2. Retweet relevant tweets.  That might seem pretty obvious, but it’s important enough to stress.
    3. Be choosy in what you share.
    4. Don’t just retweet tweets: Take the time to visit your prized Twitter connection’s blog or website and share content directly, if you think it’s truly going to interest, amaze, help or entertain your other connections. Keep the relationship going.
    5. Don’t be monotonous when retweeting.  Don’t always retweet tweets by others.  Mix your tweet types – and intersperse tweets with retweeting. People who always send the same type of tweets quickly get “tuned out”
    6. Study other people’s retweets.  Study retweets of people who have retweeted your posts.  Which ones leave you cold?  Which are confusing?  Which are effective?  Which retweets pleased you most?  Listening and being observant is one of the greatest social media strategies there is.
    7. Remember that tweets containing links are shared more often than those without.  Understanding this cultural practice should help you increase your retweetability.
    8. Retweet when your target market is most active on Twitter.  One of this social network’s biggest drawbacks has always been how fleetingly tweets appear and are lost in the never-ending stream. Track tweets in HootSuite and use Tweriod to determine the best time to tweet.
    9. Use URL shorteners to give your followers more characters to customize, when they retweet your content.  ( and generate the most Retweets, compared to other URL shorteners such as
    10. Again it goes back to good manners…. use the “Magic Word.” Studies have confirmed that tweets containing the word “please” are retweeted more often.
    11. Talk directly to your audience, when tweeting. Studies have also shown that people are more likely to retweet when you begin a post with “you”.
    12. Simply ask for a retweet!  Using the phrase “please retweet” or “RT” can be as good as a secret weapon.

If you want retweets to help you grow your traffic, either have hordes of followers… or create tweets that are irresistible to your intended audience.  Really work on making your tweets lean, mean, exciting and above all, shareable – and you’ll get those new followers quickly enough!

Share your favorite retweeting strategy below.


Donna Cravotta


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