Social PR is…

Where traditional media (PR) meets with the online world of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.  When used correctly, this powerful social PR strategy trio can quickly make you visible online and help you to connect with your target market, joint venture partners and the media. Essentially you create your own personal networking group that you can attend anytime, anywhere.

By knowing the words that people will use to find you and using them online, your visibility will increase and it will be laser targeted to your market. This leads to the ability to find conversations that are already happening and you can join right in and be the solution. Cultivate these conversations into relationships and your brand’s presence in the marketplace and you will quickly become an influencer in your expanded community.

The creative and targeted use of SEO, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and social sharing spreads the word and increases your brand’s media opportunities too.

10 Social PR Strategies to Grow Your Online Presence

  • Use an appropriate headshot on your social media accounts. Use the same headshot on all sites to help build trust.
  • Include social media sharing and follow buttons in the emails you send to your list and in your email signature. I use WiseStamp and LOVE it.
  • Social media is social… it is NOT a direct link to your shopping cart – build the relationship first and make it easy for new friends to find your services, the sales will just happen.
  • Be a social media star. Connect people with quality information, smiles and other people they might be interested to meet.
  • Connect with journalists on social media. They need experts like you to help with their stories.
  • Get noticed for your knowledge and grow your expertise with question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers,, WikiAnswers, eHow, Expert Beacon and Askville. Typically, you can visit these sites and register to become one of their experts.
  • Have FREE media listings sent to you via email from: HARO – Help A Reporter Out, Pitch Rate and Radio Guest List. There are 100s of media opportunities every week. They often share last minute opportunities on Twitter so be sure to follow them.
  • When responding to a media request, read the media request, then reread and reread again – really know what they are asking for and give them exactly what they need – make it easy to work with you and you become very attractive. Be sure that your pitch is related to what they want.
  • Compile all of the important information you want them to know about you in an easy to read format. Create an online media kit that is uploaded to your website so they can just click a link to view, or create a separate “media” web page with all of the information and include the link in your email. Include bios, past media, headshots they can download, awards, certifications, testimonials, links to every place they can find you and anything else that makes you unique. NEVER include an attachment to your pitch email.

Donna Cravotta


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