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who consult, train, and advise high-level experts, small businesses, authors/content creators, and nonprofits to accelerate their growth and impact through the strategic leverage of Social PR intelligence

“Your brand’s competitive edge is right there, under the surface of the Collective Noise.

To claim it, you must listen on social media, own and amplify YOUR voice in relevant, targeted conversations.”

Donna Cravotta
Founder, CEO



social listening, social research, and discovery

We teach leaders, small business owners, and content creators how to own their voice and hold the voice of their organizations online and offline. To understand how they can leverage technology to communicate their stories and enlist the help of internal and external stakeholders to grow their online presence in a strategic, targeted, and human way.

When structure and strategy are applied, social media becomes the vehicle to carry the brand’s story to become familiar and trusted by established and new audiences. To be found by the right people. Zeros in on relevant conversations, measures the volume and tone, then opens the door to new relationships, possibilities, and opportunities that align with business objectives and gets unexpected results.

Using our toolset of social media, media opportunities, content marketing, and search marketing, we develop an integrated Social PR plan. We stay with you through every stage, guide you, keep you on track, and together grow a specific and right-fit online presence that is built on purpose. Added benefit… this new foundational element also helps you to make better-informed business decisions.

Regardless of role or industry, one trait our clients have in common, is they want to make a difference. Perhaps they need to grow an audience to launch a new business, publish a book, or start a speaking career and have no idea where to start. We take great care in empowering them and teaching them how.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Social Pivot PR is our Social PR agency partner. Our work together transformed my view of the value of PR for a small business. We’ve landed precisely targeted media, including Costco Connection, Adobe, Business Journal, Infusionsoft blog, and more. They built our social intelligence dashboard and trained the team. Our social presence may be small, yet it is mighty. We continually build relationships with aspirational peers, are found by media, and our desired next-level clients.

Kerri Konik

The typical social media professional advised things like “We can get your name out there. Buy a list. Blast this out.” It did not feel right, what intrigued me specifically about Donna is when she said… “We’re going to listen to conversations first. We’re not going to put you out there until you are ready. First we listen, then we position, then we join the right conversations in a strategic way.” This approach has changed everything I believed social media to be.

Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, Ph.D.
CEO, Western Youth Services

Social Pivot PR helped us to create an integrated social media presence supported by a comprehensive content strategy including blog posts, guest bloggers, articles, e-books, reviews to support the 150+ products on our website. Our content is built into a social PR system that is easy to manage and keeps us top of mind with existing and new customers.

LeAnn Lyon
President, aVivoPur.com

One of the biggest benefits of working with Social Pivot PR is learning that you do not need to be a big company to leverage impressive media opportunities. I learned how to land major media opportunities like US News and World Report and NASDAQ, just to name a few. This has helped me to build credibility and grow my business 20-30% annually.

Dave Rowan, CFP®
President, Rowan Financial LLC

Before working with Social Pivot PR I had garnered media for my physical therapy businesses, but did not know what to do with it. I now have a plan in place to leverage media, I understand the intersection of social media, search, and PR, and a journalist for US News World Report recently told me that my pitch was the most relevant one he received for a media request.

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS


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    How to Build Trust and Relationships on Social Media
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    How to Use Hashtags to Unlock Innovative Conversations

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